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Buffalo Dominator II Pool Cue No.3


A revolutionary new design in cues, the Buffalo Dominator II combines sporty looks with the latest available cue technology. The stainless steel quick release joint is bracketed by 2 nickel silver rings and provides full contact between the butt and shaft, which produces a solid hit and improves cue-ball control.This cue uses our patented Shape Charge Technology (SCT) ferrule.

Inside the ferrule is a shaped charge and energy hole which helps transfer the kinetic energy of the cue deeper into the cue-ball with less effort. In combination with the 8 layered Maestri tip, the SCT ferrule provides extra confidence and feel when playing every stun shot.Buffalo Dominator II cues use a special two-tone sport grip which absorbs any vibrations to give a strong and steady hand.

The grip is offset with an extra thick nickel silver ring at the base of the forearm. Dominate each and every game of pool you play! The weight of this cue can be fine tuned to your exact requirement with the use of the Universal Weight Kit. For those shots needing a little extra reach, the Universal Smart Shaft Extension can be fitted.

  • Bumper: Engraved Noise Subduing Rubber
  • Net weight: 500 Grams Approx
  • Butt Cap: Engraved Stainless Steel
  • Tip: Maestri
  • Lacquer: High Quality ‘Car Industry
  • Grip: Rubber Sports Grip      
  • Balance: Front
  • Shaft: Canadian Maple (AAA Quality)
  • Tip size: 13mm
  • Weights: 19-20 oz
  • Joint Type: Buffalo Quick Release
  • Joint Screw: Full Contact
  • Ferrule: S.C.T
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