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Wurlitzer Jukeboxes | Games Room Company

Here at Games Room Company, we are proud to be the official UK distributer of Rock Ola jukeboxes

One of the questions we are often asked by our lovely customers is about Wurlitzer jukeboxes and whether we have any in stock. This is no surprise; Wurlitzer was the most famous and well regarded jukebox manufacturer of the 1950s and 60s, and their name is still held in high esteem by jukebox hunters to this day!

New Wurlitzer jukeboxes have actually been out of production since the 70s, when the brand closed down and permanently halted manufacturing.  While we’re very good at tracking down antiques here at Games Room Company, original Wurlitzer machines do seem to have all been completely snapped up!

However, Wurlitzer have over the years released new models of jukebox, equipped with technology as its developed; from CDs up to today. They certainly are stylish jukeboxes with state of the art sound equipment, that look and sound great in your space. If you’d like to know about about Wurlitzer jukeboxes and their history, read on…

The history of Wurlitzer jukeboxes

Wurlitzer made the world’s ‘original’ jukebox. These models are still regarded as the world’s first and most iconic jukebox, the first released to the public back in the day and the first that became popular across the world. The classic style have served as the design inspiration for countless jukebox models ever since (including Rock Olas, of which Games Room Company are the UK's official distributor) and are recognisable instantly. Wurlitzer really should be credited with revolutionising jukeboxes and their popularity across the world.

Unfortunately, the company stopped creating jukeboxes in the 1970s. And while they did eventually make a comeback, it's the original machines that are seen as highly collectable and valuable. Today, the original models are a coveted collector’s item and really sought after by fans of jukeboxes and classic Americana style.

Rock Ola are the next generation of Wurlitzer jukeboxes

Nowadays, the most popular predecessor of the Wurlitzer golden days are definitely Rock Ola jukeboxes. Directly inspired by Wurlitzer, they take elements of that iconic design and bring them firmly into the 21st century!

Using the shape of the original design and some certain features (such as the grill) Rock Ola then goes to town! They add lights, coloured cases, chrome accessories and even images to the models, so their jukeboxes stand out from the crowd and make a splash in any house. 

And the most important thing is the fact that Rock Ola jukeboxes are equipped with state of the art sound technology and engineering, so you’ll be able to listen to your music as if you’re in the studio with the artist!

If you’d like to recreate the glorious sights and sounds of a Wurlitzer jukebox in your space - whether that’s your home, office or a commercial property - a Rock Ola model will fit the bill and then surpass it! And as we are their official UK distributor, we can advise your purchase, install it for you, and pass on all our tips and tricks to get the most out of your new toy. Contact us here at Games Room Company to start your own Rock Ola journey...

Wurlitzer Jukeboxes | Games Room Company