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Vintage Lobby Cards | Games Room Company

There is a stylish, vintage way to show off your love for old films - lobby cards!

Here at Games Room Company, we truly believe that if you’re passionate about something, you should be proud of it! We always encourage visitors to our showroom to add a little bit of personalisation to their homes; a football table in the colours of their favourite team, for example, or a wooden dartboard case painted in your favourite colour. And we believe it’s the same when it comes to art and decoration for your home. If there’s an artist, film or musician you really love, of course you should let that show in your home!

Our vintage lobby cards are the perfect way to let everyone know about how much you love old films. They’re a little bit of a less obvious choice than a film poster (which we still adore and think look awesome!). Lobby cards are more chic, stylish, and a more subtle nod to your favourite old films.

What exactly are vintage lobby cards?

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what we’re talking about, we’ll backtrack a little bit and explain. Lobby cards were used to promote films on their release back in the day, and they show a selection of still images from the film in question, along with caption and brief summaries of what’s happening in each photograph. They are official images from the film and usually showcase particularly beautiful or iconic scenes from a film; which is why they look so lovely up on your wall!

Lobby cards are a real throwback to a simpler time, when printed media was the main way to promote films, which is a far cry from nowadays! The lobby cards we have here at Games Room Company are authentically vintage, issued at the time these films were actually released (most of them in the early 1960s). This makes them highly collectible, so to give you some peace of mind, they arrive to you with a certificate of provenance that show they are the real deal. We also know that you’ll want to keep something this old and collectible safe and sound, so our lobby cards are well protected in museum grade, UV resistant glass frames.

Vintage lobby cards are a lovely, personal addition to your walls, or they’ll make a really thoughtful gift for someone you love. Whatever you choose to do with them, they are a real piece of film history and will be the perfect way to reference your love for vintage films! For more information about our lobby cards, or any of our wall art and decor, please contact us or pop in to visit our showroom.