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Vintage Beer Machine | Games Room Company

Vintage beer machines combine retro charm with practicality!

There are fans of beer, and then there are fans of beer. While most of us probably fall into the former category and enjoy a cold pint or bottle at the end of the week or during a pub visit with our mates, for the latter beer is less of an occasional enjoyment and more of a full time hobby!Corona Vending Machine | Games Room Company

And that’s not just the drinking of beer. In fact, far from it; these beer fans are always on the lookout for a new brew to taste, an obscure branded bottle to collect, or some historical information to commit to memory. And here at Games Room Company, we have a piece of beer history that enthusiasts will adore - vintage beer machines!

Anyone interested in beer and breweries will love these machines. They are real relics from a bygone era, that we have carefully restored to be in full working order. Our vintage beer machines each showcase the logo of two iconic beer brands - Corona and Budweiser - and they proudly wear the famous colours of each brewery (that’s yellow for Corona and blue for Budweiser)

Vintage beer machines are actually an incredibly practical choice...

If you feel like you must give a vintage beer machine pride of place in your home, but there’s someone else in the house who may need a little bit more convincing, the fact that these machines can actually be an incredibly handy way of storing beers could tip the balance in your favour. These beer machines can hold your supply safe and sound, which will free up space wherever you currently store them - and if you need to, you can of course use the machines to store any other beverages. Whenever anyone needs a drink, they can help themselves to the machine. Trust us, this goes down really well at parties!

The great thing about these vintage beer machines is that they can also work in any style of room you choose to place them in. Add them to a man cave or games room, so refreshment is always an arm’s length away, or keep them in a more traditionally ‘drinks’ area, such as  your bar area or in your kitchen. Wherever they call home, soon you won’t be able to imagine your home with the beer machine in the corner!

If a vintage beer machine is just the thing for your home, or you know someone who would love this piece of classic beer history, you can pop down to our showroom to inspect them in person. And if you would like any more information about the beer machines, please contact us!