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What is so special about a Thurston Snooker Table?

What features does a Thurston snooker table have that makes it so beloved?

If you’re a snooker enthusiast, you will definitely have heard of Thurston snooker tables. They’re one of the most iconic games table brands in the country, creating first billiard and then snooker tables from as far back at 1799. They’re a beloved heritage brand in the UK, and any games table bearing the name Thurston is guaranteed to be designed and built with love and incredible craftsmanship.

Thurston Snooker Tables | Games Room Company So how did Thurston snooker tables become such a renowned piece of gaming equipment, and why exactly are they such a revered brand? Our brief history of Thurston and their tables will tell you everything you need to know…

Thurston snooker tables still carry the same integrity that their founder instilled at the very beginning

Back in the late 1700s, John Thurston took a big gamble in starting up a business that designed and created billiards tables in London. Not only was this a niche business venture at the time, he also commanded his team to think outside the box, creating tables that could be customised, or altered to fit in with customers’ needs (for example, one table was designed with collapsable legs so it could be stowed away to save on space). John Thurston was a trailblazer when it came to these tables, and that spirit still echoes in their designs to this day.

Thurston tables have always listened to their customers and moved with the times to provide the best possible games equipment

Throughout the centuries, whenever a new design trend arrived on the scene, or a request from customers constantly needed to be addressed, the Thurston brand always strived to update their tables to meet modern standards. The same can be said of their foray into snooker tables; when snooker overtook billiards in popularity in the mid 20th century, Thurston focused all of their attention in creating the best snooker tables on the market, which is something they’re still doing  to this day - and which is a major factor in their popularity and success.

Thurston snooker tables are always extra special in their design

Thurston are held in really high acclaim for the quality of their games tables; they’re built to last a lifetime, and provide the most precise, comfortable foundation for an excellent game of snooker. But they should also be praised for their design style. Throughout the years, Thurston have created and inspired the design of special, one-off pool and snooker tables that break away from their traditional style and add a fashionable and fun charm to any space - the Brunswick art deco table, inspired by Thurston's forward thinking creativity, is a big favourite of ours.

You can see that Thurston are a beloved brand for a reason, and one of their snooker tables will be the perfect addition to any games room. If you would like to test out a Thurston snooker table in person, please pop in and visit us at our showroom! And remember to contact us if you would like any further details about these, or any of our other pool or snooker tables.

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