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Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Tables 

Table tennis is a games room classic. If you’re interested in table games of any kind - think pool, billiards- you’re bound to have a soft spot for a good, old fashioned game of table tennis Anyone can play - young, old, beginner or professional - and it’s an instant crowd pleaser, whether you’re entertaining yourself, your children or a house full of guests.

Table tennis has been around in Britain since the Victorian ages, when it was a popular ‘after dinner’ parlour game, usually played by the upper classes. Since then, it’s never lost its appeal, and its reach has broadened hugely to include almost everyone! Throughout the 20th century, table tennis started to be played across the world, by all walks of life, and became an increasingly popular hobby - eventually, there was even debate about whether it could officially be known as a ‘sport’! In 1988, table tennis got a real seal of approval when it was introduced as an official Olympic sport - you can’t get much more popular than that!

Table tennis has always had a strong appeal in a less professional environment too; it’s commonly played in pubs, recreation halls and even in schools. Of course, it’s a hugely popular piece of gaming kit to own at home. Often seen as less of a space concern than a pool table and as more widely accessible for all ages, it’s still an enviable showstopper in any room, and these days table tennis tables are a regular sight in homes across the world.

Games Room Company have been in the business of restoring and selling table tennis tables for quite some time now. We began selling them in when we opened 1962, and they were a firm favourite of our founder, Reginald Waldersmith. He often held table tennis demonstrations in our showroom, and so could regularly be found challenging his sons and colleagues to games so that he would impress clients with his table tennis skills!

Nowadays, Games Room Company offers up a whole host of table tennis tables, to suit any location, desire or situation. From outdoor table tennis tables, to sleek, custom designs, to our brilliant dining/table tennis table fusions, whatever you need, you’ll be able to find something to fit the bill.

Everyone deserves to experience the joy of owning a table tennis table, as it truly is one of the most enjoyable and useful pieces of gaming equipment you can have in your home. It’s so inclusive, and can be played by anyone (as long as they can reach the top of the table!), and it entertains adults and children alike.

Whether you want to hold table tennis tournaments at your parties, or just have a game in the evening to let off some steam, a table tennis table is a worthy investment that you’ll never grow tired of.

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