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Table Football

Table Football 

When we think of table football, most people probably begin to imagine a pub or sports clubhouse, probably with a gang of boys hanging around shouting at each other. This might actually be a pretty accurate representation across the country! But nowadays, more and more people are choosing to enjoy a game of table football in the comfort of their own home - probably with just as much shouting…

Table football is pretty iconic in the gaming equipment world, even in popular culture - what would an episode of Friends be without Joey and Chandler chatting over a game of ‘foosball’?! - and they’re a cool, classic piece of kit to invest in if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and snapping up a games table.

Table football was invented in Britain in the 1920s, and the investor first made up a prototype using a box of matches to demonstrate the bars of players! From these humble beginnings, football tables became popular across Europe and then the USA, initially only in more public spaces, such as pubs. By the 1980s however, football tables were a familiar sight in homes across the globe.

Football tables are a very popular gaming product to own, perhaps because they are such an inclusive game, that can be played by anyone. They facilitate a group game or a game between two, they can be used for home tournaments or just for casual games. The relaxed and inclusive nature of a game of table football has undoubtedly led to its popularity.

Another reason football tables so popular could be their customisable nature. Most people have a favourite football team, whom they support no matter what, and a table football allows you to own a slice of this at home. Choosing a football table with players in the colour of your favourite club adds a personal nature and is exciting for owners - many people even name each individual player on the table after their football heroes!

Noticing the popular demand for football tables both commercially and personally, Games Room Company jumped on the bandwagon early - as soon as we started trading in 1962. So we have a long history of both working with and playing with football tables, and can definitely provide you with the exact model you’re looking for, whatever your needs or situation.

There are a whole host of table football types. Whether that’s a classic, American style ‘foosball table’, or a more dainty, steel outdoor football table, there’s bound to be a style that fits your requirements.

Another part of the fun of a football table is the accessories! Once you’ve selected your perfect table, Games Room Company has a great range of customisable players, on their own or in a row, to make sure your football table is exactly the way you want it.

Owning a football table allows you to own a piece of iconic gaming equipment that is fun for your whole family, and can be enjoyed by you all for generations.