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The history of Street Fighter, an all time great arcade game

The history of Street Fighter - from day one to world domination!

Street Fighter | Games Room CompanyStreet Fighter is one of the most iconic arcade games on the planet; it’s up there with Pac-Man and Space Invaders when it comes to popularity and being recognised. Even those who aren’t avid fans of arcade games will definitely know what is being talked about when they hear the words ‘Street Fighter’, and that’s pretty impressive for a game when you consider how much competition there is in that market!

For those of you who may not be totally up to date, the game involves two fictional fighters meeting for a match. The intriguing catch is their fight involves two wildly different styles of combat - for example, a martial arts expert versus an American boxing champion, and the skill of the player ensures who comes out on top.

Even though it is a world renowned arcade game, how much do we really know about its history and its rise to the top? Street Fighter actually has a pretty cool origins story of its own, and the team behind the game are a seriously impressive bunch. Needless to say, the history of this classic arcade game is full of twists and turns - after all, you don’t get to be one of the most popular arcade games of all time without a few ups and downs!

From humble beginnings….

An icon of the 1980s, Street Fighter made its arcade debut in 1987, and like its fellow famous games, it was designed and developed in Japan, for the Capcom brand. The game became an instant hit with players due to the fast paced competition on screens; the game revolves around a fight of three rounds which must be won within 30 seconds. The main character of Ryu, who the player controls, became beloved amongst players who were constantly determined to improve his combat skills and see him succeed against the ever changing opponents.

On its release, reviewers and gamers alike became obsessed with it, and the game is credited with refreshing arcade games to make them cool again. It quickly became the most popular machine in arcades across the world with players forming queues to eventually get their turStreet Fighter Original | Games Room Companyn at the joystick!

Obviously with such a successful starting point, the makers capitalised on the mass popularity and it didn’t take long for sequels to hit the arcade scene. In fact, Street Fighter II overtook the original’s popularity by such a strong degree people now often totally forget that another game came before it!

Changing with the times...

So, as the original Street Fighter was soon eclipsed by its sequel’s commercial and critical successes. Nowadays, the old game is viewed with great affection as a classic, old school game, a relic of the 1980s heyday of arcades.

The brains behind the game were clever enough to know that what players loved in arcades, they would love even more in their own homes, so even as far back as the late 1980s they had developed home versions of the game - you can imagine how much this delighted fans! Throughout the years, the video game versions of the iconic game have kept the game and all its incarnations in the hearts of gamers, and they’ve continued to be a huge success, showing that bridging the gap between tradition and innovation is a hugely clever move.

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