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Slate Bed Pool Tables | Games Room Company

Why are slate bed pool tables better than wooden pool tables?

If you’re on the hunt for a pool table, you will want it to be the best one you can find. It’s a big purchase to make, so making sure that you find the one that is made from the most exquisite materials, in the exact colours you desire, and that will last you and your family a lifetime. For that reason, you should absolutely opt for a slate bed pool table. They’re the most secure, beautifully made tables that allow you to play the most comfortable, precise games; here are some more reasons you should always choose the slate bed pool table over any other option…

Firstly, what exactly is a slate bed pool table?

A slate bed pool table is crafted from a wooden or metal frame, with a slate bed top that is then covered in cloth. The larger the table, the more sheets of slate or used; very large or very high tables may have up to three sheets of slate at the top of the frame. If you find a pool table in a communal space - most likely in a pub - it will probably be a slate bed, and professional pool tables are made with slate, too.

Why is a slate bed pool table such a brilliant choice?

The very fact that professional pool players will use a slate bed table should give you a clue to the fact that these really are the best of the best! Not only are slate bed pool tables usually crafted more carefully and delicately, playing on a slate bed is the most true and precise pool playing experience you can have. Unlike other materials that can cause shots to veer off course or that can shape shift over time, slate will remain true to its original proportions and give you the best possible playing surface. Every shot will feel comfortable and be as precise as you need it to be during those tense games!

Another brilliant thing about slate bed pool tables is the way in which they will last for a lifetime. Unlike cheaper materials, slate beds will not deteriorate and won’t need to be replaced - the only thing that may eventually need some repair work is the cloth covering the slate.

Here at Games Room Company, we have an incredible selection of slate bed pool tables for you to choose from, including different styles, colours and material framework. However you choose to customise it, the slate bed underneath will never let you down, and will make sure have a pool table that will entertain you for generations….

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Slate Bed Pool Table | Games Room Company