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Why choose Sams Bar Billiards Table over another brand?

What exactly is so special about a Sams Bar Billiards Table?

When it comes to choosing a bar billiards table, there are a few old school manufacturers who are a cut above the rest - and one of them is Sams. An icon of the game, a Sams billiards table are just as sought after today as they were in the billiards heyday of the early 20th century.Sams Bar Billiards Table - Games Room Company

We adore a game on a Sams bar billiards game - here’s why it’s our favourite…

1. This is the original billiards table. Sams were one of the first companies in the UK to begin producing and selling bar billiards tables. They are a truly heritage British brand and an icon of manufacturing in this country.

2. The name is a mark of quality. Being such a well respected brand, Sams tables perfectly show off the professionalism and perfectionism that was the norm back in the 1930s. These tables are carefully crafted to be long lasting and strong - and our careful hand restoration of them has only increased their durability.

3. These are incredibly stylish billiards tables. They’re a very traditional design of table so they will add a very grand, classic, early 20th century atmosphere to your space and catch the eye of everyone who visits.

4. Sams billiards are a British gaming icon. Any games enthusiast will recognise this table as soon as they spot it, and they give us an insight into the gaming of that era, before pool tables, football tables and eventually arcade machines usurped them in popularity.

5. This is some serious craftsmanship. A Sams billiard table is made from oak wood and Welsh slate; they’re built from seriously high quality materials, and the skill with which they’re constructed just can’t be matched - especially not in the fast paced, production line industries of today.

6. It’s been so carefully restored by our expert team, it retains all of the old school, original features that make it recognisable as an authentic vintage item - such as its original timer clock and wooden scoreboard.

7. These tables fit in just as well in a home as they do in a commercial space (they are especially popular in a pub!)

If you are on the lookout for an authentic, vintage bar billiards table, Sams is the name you need to look out for. Here at Games Room Company, we love playing a game or two on the models we have restored, and we know that you will too. Sams bar billiards tables really are the best on the scene - so if you’d like to try one out for yourself, pop down to visit us in our showroom, and give us a call if you would like any more information!