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Although based upon the same notion, the game of pool and snooker differ greatly from each other and should not be seen as a variation of one table game.


The game of pool is played on a slate bed pool table with 6 ball pockets. These pool tables can come in different sizes so you need to be sure of the dimensions of games room when you go to buy a pool table. The usual sizes of home pool tables are 9 foot and 8 foot for American pool tables and 7x4 foot or 6x3 foot for English pool tables. Furthermore, pool tables for sale from The Games Room Company are supplied with the finest Aramith pool table balls, a pool triangle, pool table brush, pool cloth cleaner and pool table chalk to match the colour of the pool table felt. The game is played with pool sticks or pool cues, also supplied, which come in various sizes depending on your requirements.


The dimensions of a slate bed snooker table are notably larger in size than pool tables or billiard tables and they also have smaller ball pockets. Typically, a full size snooker table measures 12 foot and therefore needs longer cues than a pool table and also a considerably larger snooker room size. Akin to pool tables for sale, snooker tables for sale are also played on a flat slate bed and have 6 pockets but use 21 Aramith snooker balls as opposed to 15 balls in the game of pool. The snooker balls are also quite a bit smaller than pool all in all making the game much trickier than playing on a modern pool table.