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Pool Cue Racks | Games Room Company

Pool cue racks look fantastic and clear up clutter around your pool table!

If you’re a pool table owner, we bet it's one of your pride and joys. Whether you keep your table in your own home, in your office, or in your commercial property, we know you love it and love spending time shooting pool with your family, friends or colleagues!

And because you love it so much, you’ll probably also want to keep it in pristine condition, and put a lot of effort into making sure your pool table area looks its best at all times. So it’s likely you’ve invested in some pool accessories to spruce up the area. One accessory we think should be at the top of your list is a pool cue rack

If you’ve invested in some amazing pool cues to make your games as precise and as comfortable as possible, don’t leave them to just prop up against the wall! If that is how you store them, they will become scuffed, stained and and be knocked over constantly. Not only will this do damage to the cues themselves, they might do some damage to whoever knocked them over or tripped over them!

That’s why pool cue racks are so important

Pool cue racks make certain that your cues are kept out of harm's way, so they’re protected and kept in an amazing condition. Now, when it comes to pool cue racks (as with everything else here at Games Room Company), we have a lot of choice depending on what kind of style you’d like to go for…

If you really want to keep them away from potential knocks and bumps, and you also want to add a chic and appealing twist to your pool table area, one of these wall mounted models will definitely do the job nicely. In a similar way, our free standing steel racks will show them off in style, while keeping them at ground level, ready for you to easily grab whenever you want to have a quick game. If you’d like to make sure that both ends of the cue are protected, our double ended rack will make sure that happens, and its subtle style and colouring mean it won’t pull focus away from your pool table.

Although if you’re looking for something a little brighter, with a hint of tongue in cheek humour, may we suggest one of our Magic 8 pool cue racks? The colour of these holders will make a splash next to any pool table, and also keep those cues safe and sound - the all knowing Magic 8 wisdom will see to that!

Whichever you choose, you will definitely notice the difference having your pool cues safely stored away somewhere rather than cluttering up your space! Pop down to our showroom to see our pool cue racks for yourself, or contact us to find out more about our brilliant selection.

Pool Cue Racks | Games Room Company