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Choose your favourite pinball backglass to decorate your wall

Which pinball backglass will look the coolest in your games room?

Pinball Backglass Top Card | Games Room CompanyThere are so many reasons a pinball backglass is the coolest way to decorate a room. Number one; these are a lot more unique and a lot more exciting than the posters or photographs you might be planning on hanging up instead!

Perhaps you don’t have the space for a full size pinball table and just want to pay homage to the old arcade game you love. Maybe you’re looking for some decor that gives a nod to a game you loved in your youth. Or maybe it’s something as simple as the fact that you love the style and colours of these old designs and know a backglass will fit perfectly into the current ambience of your space!

A pinball backglass adds a real vintage charm to any room you choose

Whether it’s a games room, kitchen, child’s bedroom or even in your office, the beauty of these designs is they work in any setting. If you love the style of old arcades (bright colours, kitschy cartoons and old fashioned slogans) these backglasses will fit in like a dream.

If you’re not 100% certain what we mean by a pinball table backglass, you will definitely have seen them before! It’s very simple - they are the the upright part of a pinball machine, the decorated part above the game itself that usually includes the name of the game, and definitely is covered in images of the game or what its based on.

Modern pinball machines backglasses are hi-tech business nowadays; they feature from the film or tv the film is based around, very often they include flashing lights, moving parts, and even sections of video. The pinball backglasses we have here at Games Room Company hail from a simpler (and dare we say, more charming!) time, when pinball machines were decorated with printed cartoons and artwork.Pinball Backglass Alaska | Games Room Company

As an added bonus, these backglasses are highly sought after collector’s items…

The pinball machines that are actually on display in these backglasses are old favourites, and classic machines that you actually may not see around as much as you used to. Nowadays when every new movie franchise arrives on the scene complete with a branded machine some of these more quaint, old school designs get relegated! So the sight of well loved pinball machines we may remember from back in the day are one reason people can’t wait to get their hands on these glasses when they see them.

There’s also the fact that these are beautifully presented, carefully restored pieces of art. Taken from sometimes worn down old machines, the backglasses have been looked after so they’re in amazing condition and reframed in sturdy, chic frames that protect them without pulling attention away from the bright colours of the design itself.

Which classic design would you love to see framed and hanging on your wall? Tweet us to let us know!

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