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What exactly makes a pool table ready for the outdoors?

Did you know there was such a thing as outdoor pool tables?

Outdoor Pool Table | Games Room Company
Picture the scene; you’re in your back garden on a beautiful summer’s day. The sun is shining, your friends and family are chatting and laughing and you’re all enjoying some refreshing drinks. Someone suggests a game of pool to instill some friendly competition into the atmosphere and you readily agree - only to have to trudge inside into the empty house to play your game. Away from the sun, away from your friends and’s pretty much enough to make you turn down all offers to play, no matter how much of a pool fan you are!

At times like these, how incredible would it be to have an outdoor pool table? You’d be forgiven for not knowing this was even a possibility, as outdoor games tables still aren’t anywhere near as popular as their indoor counterparts. But it’s true - pool tables are now being made that are ready for outside, to catch up with other table tops games (such as table tennis tables) that have had outdoor versions on the market for a while now. They’re great for your own back garden or for a commercial space - this might not surprise you, outdoor pool tables go down incredibly well in pub gardens during the summer months!

How does a pool table become ready for the outdoors?

As you might have guessed, making a games table ready for the great outdoors involves lots of different materials! Anything precious or delicate is obviously out of the question when you’re at the mercy of the elements. So if you’re searching for an outdoor model, you’ll find that any carefully polished woods are replaced by more sturdy, durable cuts, and fragile cloth bed covers are gone, with a nylon cloth taking their place instead. You’ll also need to pick up a waterproof table cover to protect it while you’re not playing.

The framework of these tables also needs to be reinforced to ensure it stays in one spot - so you might find that there is often steel involved in the legs to make the table as strong as it needs to be in the face of the good old British weather!

Outdoor pool tables are so cool they’re now actually a lot rarer!

As outdoor pool tables are such an innovative, new style of table, there aren’t as many on the market for pool fans to snap up. In fact, whenever we have one in our Games Room Company showroom, they’re snapped up almost as soon as we have them in! If you think one would be the perfect addition to your garden this summer, you’ll have to keep a close eye on our blog to spot as soon as we come across one!

And of course, pool tables don’t have to be outdoors; you may be more of a classic pool player looking for a traditional table, not one of the new, trend led designs. That’s totally fine! We know that gaming fans come with lots of different tastes, and that’s why we’ve got our showroom stocked to the brim with any style of pool or snooker table you could ever dream of!

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