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Exceptional games and Jukeboxes since 1962

Our Team

Alexander Walder-Smith – Managing Director

As both the managing director and the principal salesman, there is no greater source of games room wisdom than Alexander. With over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry, he began his learning early, absorbing knowledge during his childhood as his father ran the family business. By the time he was in his early twenties, he was an apprentice at the company. Now the face of The Games Room Company, he can be found at all its exhibitions throughout the year, and presenting its many online videos. His favourite product is the Rock-Ola Bubbler Jukebox, and his status as its official UK dealer proudly attests to his expertise on it.

Olivia Walder-Smith – Creative Director

A former protégé of Chester Jones, the renowned London Interior Designer, Olivia has turned her hand to games rooms, and provides a guiding hand to its interior design ventures, both domestic and overseas. The fruits of much of her work can be seen in our portfolio. She has a keen eye for vintage pinballs, demonstrating a particular preference (and skill) for the Delta Queen Pinball Machine.

Dawn Adams – Executive Assistant

Dawn has been working as Alexander’s Executive Assistant for the past four years. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, she is often to be found on The Games Room Company stands at such prestigious events as the Goodwood Revival, Decorex and the London Boat Show. She harbours an exceptional fondness for retro games, especially the platinum multigame, released on the year of her birth.

John O’Boyle – Operations Manager

John is the company’s Operation’s Manager. With decades of experience behind him, his chirpy Irish wit keeps up morale in the meticulous process of moving, packing or restoring the vast inventory of products. He’s currently employing this logistics expertise to (wistfully) size up his own home for his favourite product – a vintage Vendo-81 Coke machine.

Steve Sheppard – Accounts

Steve has been with the Games Room Company from the very beginning, starting as a jukebox engineer under the management of Reginald Waldersmith, way back in 1969. Like many of the jukeboxes he’s repaired, he has only grown more valuable with age. His preferred model is the Rock-Ola Princess, and he can commonly be heard crooning away along with Elvis records played on the one in our showroom.

Mark Russell – Technician

Mark’s credentials are extensive, having been operating as a technical engineer for several decades in telecoms and digital television. Twelve years ago, he decided to turn his talents to more retro forms of entertainment, and has been with the company ever since. He reserves a special affection for the AMI Continental, and knows it inside out.

Jack – Content Manager

Our youngest and newest addition to the organisation, Jack graduated with a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, and is responsible for many of the words, images and videos produced by the Games Room Company. His famously blue hair, despite what you may hear, doesn’t denote any political or footballing loyalties – he just likes the colour. He dreams of one day owning a Fish Tales Pinball machine.

Shakespeare Walder-Smith

General office dog