Five great ways to switch up your table football game

Table football (or foosball to some) is known for having that ultimate quality of all the best leisure activities: easy to pick up, and hard to master. The champions of the game have generally spent hours practising their solo techniques, from basic passing and control to more advanced techniques like the Five Bar Hack. 

However, if you’re more of a casual foosball player you might be looking for more light-hearted ways to change your table football game. Lucky for you then, that’s exactly what we’ve written this post for!

1.Change Your Game By Playing With Multiple Players 

Solo games are thrilling, but they can’t half get intense after a while. Changing your table football game by adding one or two extra players is a great way to keep things casual, and spend some quality time with your friends as you do so. It takes the edge off the tension and calculations of the typical table football game and tips it into a great exercise in teamwork, especially if you’re playing with people you’ve never played with before.

And while there’s an undeniable thrill in an individual victory, the teamwork element of the game can yield some truly great moments as well. There’s a joy to be developed in reading not only your opponents, but getting into sync with your teammates too. There’s nothing quite like a flawless, unexpected pass back to your team’s defenders and promptly lifting your players out of the way for them to score the winning goal. You can see why it’s a handy bunch of skills to develop for more advanced tournament playing too (if you’re that way inclined)!

2. Switch Up Your Game By Adding Multiple Balls

OK, we’ll admit straight off the bat; this mode of game doesn’t quite have the same level of respect in more professional tabletop football circles. However, adding multiple balls can totally change your table football game. True, it’s not exactly the ingredient to a skilled, precise and calculated game, but it adds that brilliant feeling of chaos and randomness that appeals to the inner child in all of us. (Obviously, we would not recommend it for competitive games.)

Plus, if you’re planning on using it for team games, you might want to opt for employing a bystander to gradually feed in more and more balls when they feel the game is dropping its pace a little. You’ll have to keep your goalie very mobile!

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3.Take Your Table Football Game Outside

You probably don’t need us to tell you this one. After all, when the weather is nice outside, who wouldn’t be tempted to have a cheeky game of outdoor foosball? In fact, we’ve got table football games designed especially for the purpose, like this RS3 Wooden Leg Outdoor Table football and this RS2 Stainless Steel Outdoor Table Football, both with outdoor table tops from renowned Spanish design house RS Barcelona. If you’ve got your sunnies on and you’re geared up for a game, it’s a great summertime pursuit.

Changing your table game in this way is perfect for barbecues and similar sorts of gatherings, as team games are a great low-key social activity, and provide some entertainment for your gathered guests. As a bonus, table football has all the excitement and thrill of more active sports, but you’re in less danger of getting dehydrated. (Not unless you play a serious, serious game.)

4. Change Your Table Football Game By Playing Upside Down

OK, so this one’s a little more ambitious, but bear with us. It takes a lot of organisation, a clear space on your ceiling somewhere, and you have to be handy with a hammer and nails. (Not just for the table’s legs either, but also for each player's feet.) Once you’ve got the carpentry aspect down pat, though, the reversal of gravity can add a really change your game of indoor table football.

It’s not just your reflexes, you see, but also an exercise in science. If you can shoot quickly enough, the centrifugal force will essentially keep the ball anchored to the playing surface, and controlling gives you a great opportunity to practice your pin-shots. Plus, the blood constantly rushing to your head adds a fascinating psychological element to the game that you won’t see in even the most heated of professional tournaments.

5. Transport Your Table Football Game To Space

If you’re the kind of person who likes their indoor games to be outdoor games, and their outdoor games to be outdoorsier than anyone else’s, this is the one for you. We won’t lie to you; it’s probably an endeavour that’ll leave you a bit lighter in the wallet. Once you’re up there, too, you are of course going to have a little trouble with the whole gravity thing, so the game will probably be won and lost more or less on the first touch. In other words, you’ll quickly learn the exact angles to tap the ball into your opponent’s goal with near-micron levels of accuracy. Then, when you touch back down to Earth, that learned accuracy will make you almost unbeatable in any casual or professional game. Once your bone density has returned to normal, of course.

Whether you’re after a casual indoor game like our RS2 Dining Oval Table Football, or you’re looking for an effortlessly opulent design statement like our Teckell Cristallino Table Football, browse our full collection of table football games today. 


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