Client Spotlight: Fulfilling Childhood Dreams In Riga

Treasured childhood memories are something of a specialty of ours here at the Games Room Company. Let’s be honest, without nostalgia we wouldn’t have much of a business! So when a new client approached us to seek out a favourite pinball from his youth, we marshalled all of our considerable resources and expertise to give him exactly what he wanted.

A Very Particular Pinball Table

This particular client runs a major shipping company with offices all over the world, but headquartered in Riga. He’s also a friend of an existing customer of ours; during a visit to the UK the two were catching up over lunch in London, and in the midst of a discussion about their more carefree days, the topic of pinballs cropped up. Acting on the advice of his friend, the next time he was in Britain, the new client visited us at our showroom in Weybridge. Though he couldn’t remember the name of the pinball in question, following a little research our Managing Director, Alexander, was able to identify the pinball in question as a King Pin, a bowling-themed pinball made by industry giant Gottleib in 1973.

Using contacts cultivated over decades in the industry, Alexander located and sourced a King Pin from the US, and transported it into the UK to be restored by Games Room Company specialists in our on-site workshop. The client personally inspected the fruits of our work, and with his approval in hand we were then able to focus on the task of getting it to his headquarters in Riga.

A True White Glove Service

Though pinball tables are, by nature, impressively resilient, we weren’t about to leave all our hard work to chance by risking any damage in transit. Instead, we constructed a specially-made padded wooden box before we shipped it to Riga by road. Following its arrival (the journey took about five days), we dispatched our engineer Mark, who spent the day assembling it and testing the finished King Pin, ensuring that it worked to perfection. Obviously if a fault occurred, we wouldn’t get a second chance to fix it, so diligence and precision were both intrinsic to the process. As one of the very best engineers in the business, Mark has both these qualities in spades, and his checks were fully complete in just a matter of hours. Twelve hours after he arrived, Mark was winging his way back to us, leaving the client to relive some of his fondest childhood memories.

It goes to show that we don’t do things by half-measures here at the Games Room Company. As specialists in the rare and whimsical, we understand the hugely sentimental values that our clients often attach to our products – and that’s in addition to the cultural and historical significance such products often carry, too. It’s why we’ve made sure that our service is second-to-none, going above and beyond to fulfil the expectations of each and every one of our customers. Why not give us a call on 01932 282 123, and see what we can do for you?


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