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Neon Signs | Games Room Company

A vintage neon sign will be the perfect way to light up your room!

Decorating your home is a very personal thing, and most people will have a clear image in their minds of what they want to achieve. If you’re especially envisaging something that you’d love to see in a particular room, it can be really difficult to stop imagining it and how it will look. It feels as though nothing will fit into place quite like the idea you have, so tracking it down is a necessity; nothing else will feel as perfect as the image in your head! If what you are thinking of is something a little bit out of the ordinary, something you won’t be able to easily find in a local high street store, it can make the hunt a little bit more difficult - although you’ll be no less determined to track it down!

For example, you may be conjuring up a stunning image of a vintage neon sign, to add some personality and some light to a wall in your home. In theory, this could be difficult to find - especially in the colours you love, in excellent condition. That’s where we here at Games Room Company come in.

Our collection of vintage neon signs definitely includes the perfect one for you

Nowadays we seem to take neon signs for granted, as they’re so popular and such a common part of life, especially for those living in a city. We can easily forget how much of a novelty and innovation they were when they first burst on to the scene back in the early 1900s; they were the most exciting new invention in advertising, and only the coolest businesses had a neon sign for promotion.

Funnily enough, these same businesses are now amongst the most coveted when it comes to neon signs for the home! Brands like Budweiser, other breweries, and Coca Cola were the most coveted back then and they obviously still are now!

Vintage neon signs add a really authentic retro charm to the room you hang them in. Their bright colour and gentle glowing light instantly draw your eyes towards them, and the iconic brands and logos lend a touch of culture to your home. They can be added to an equally bright and busy games room or man cave, or they can be used to bring a sense of fun to a more sedate and relaxed colour scheme.

If a vintage neon sign is exactly what you need to match the image you’re dreaming about, head down to our showroom to check out our selection, or contact us for more information.

Neons Signs | Games Room Company