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Exceptional games and Jukeboxes since 1962

Everything you need to know about our jukebox repairs

Games Room Company are pros when it comes to repairing jukeboxes…

If you know anything about Games Room Company, you’ll know that one of our major passions is jukeboxes. From the oldest vintage models to the most innovative new digital designs, we love these machines. They combine great, retro styles and design with music - what could be more delightful?!

Jukebox Repair | Games Room CompanyJukeboxes are a brilliant addition to any space, as they really do mix style with practicality. Not only do they add colour and personality to a room, they also give you somewhere to store all of your music. Whether that’s giving your CD or vinyl collection, or finally having the chance to store all of your music digitally in one place, jukeboxes mean there’s no need to continually change CDs round or keep locating your favourite records - they’re all in one beautifully designed home.

In fact, our team loves jukeboxes so much, we’ve even become experts at restoring and recovering them.

Repairing jukeboxes that are a little bit past their best is our speciality

We’re great believers that nothing is too far past the point of no repair, and we regularly apply that thought process to any jukeboxes that come our way. One of the biggest joys in life is finding a jukebox to repair and restore, and turning it from a shabby, run down piece of machinery into a stunning music player that eyes are instantly drawn to.

Repairing a jukebox is about so much more than making sure it looks fantastic. Our expert engineers spend most of their time and effort focusing on ensuring Repaired Jukeboxes | Games Room Company that the jukeboxes in their care are sounding incredible. After all, as cool as jukeboxes look, the whole point is that they soundtrack your life, so the sound needs to be in top working order! So, from the speakers to the actual mechanisms that rotate the songs, our engineers never let a restored jukebox leave the workshop without sound quality that makes you feel as though you’re in a concert!

Here at Games Room Company, we find all kinds of jukebox models that are in need of a little bit of care and attention; it’s definitely not only battered, old, outdated styles! Iconic jukebox brands such as Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola and Limelite have all paid a visit to our workshop, to be given some extra consideration, whether it’s cosmetic or mechanical.

So if you’re looking for a restored jukebox that’s been carefully and expertly brought from a slightly dilapidated state into a stunning centerpiece for your space, you’re definitely in the right place. When it comes to jukeboxes, we really do know what we’re talking about!

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