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A sweet snack is always guaranteed with your very own jelly bean machine!

If you’ve ever been to an arcade, an old school cinema complex or a youth club, you will have come across a jelly bean machine. A staple of the arcade scene, these classic machines are a simple idea - you simply pay your small change into the slot, twist the dial, and a handful of super sweet and colourful jelly beans is released for you to enjoy.

Jelly bean machines evoke a real sense of nostalgia. Anyone who used them as a child will remember the excitement of turning the dial and waiting to receive your sweet treats. Jelly bean machines take you back to a simpler time, a time of enjoying an afternoon of fun with your friends and eating far too much sugar!

Jelly Bean Machine | Games Room Company

What if you could recapture this feeling at home?

The excellent news is that you can! Games Room Company have a selection of jelly bean machines - both vintage and new models - that you can give pride of place in your own home.

Whether you go for a free standing machine, a tabletop model, a double case or single, you can get a taste of old school arcade excitement at home. Fill your jelly bean machine up with the good stuff (Games Room Company throw in a free bag of jelly beans along with your machine), and then whenever you feel like you need a little extra boost of fun (or of sugar), simply turn that dial!

Jelly bean machines look just as great in kitchens as they do in games rooms, and they’re available in a variety of colours to fit perfectly into your home. Wherever you keep it, it’s bound to attract a lot of attention - and it’s guaranteed to make you smile whenever you look at it!

If you love the idea of a jelly bean machine at home, and you’d like to know more about them and how they would fit into your home, please email us or give us a call - we’ll tell you everything you need to know to be totally happy in your decision.