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3 things every home casino absolutely cannot be without...

Everything you need to make your home casino feel like the real thing

Home Casino LED Wall Art | Games Room Company Everyone loves an evening at a casino. There’s something about the environment that conjures up old images of Hollywood and Las Vegas glamour, of drinking liquor and gambling all night long. Casinos aren’t as popular as they once were, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still enjoy a night of playing the iconic casino games or basking in the glitzy atmosphere that a casino creates. If actually going out to a casino is becoming increasingly difficult, what better way to grab a piece of the action than creating your very own casino at home!

This is a brilliant idea; the fun of a night at the casino without actually crossing your front door! However, just because you’re swapping a night out on the town for a night in doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on any of the things that make a casino such a fabulous location for a night out. Here are the three main components of casino equipment you will need for ultimate casino room at home….

1. Games, games, games!

Obviously, the thrill of a casino night is all in the games! From One Armed Bandit machines to a turn on the roulette table, the uncertainty of whether you’ll win big or need another turn is what keeps us going back for more. So you’ll definitely need some games if you want your home casino to live up to the real thing. Here at Games Room Company we have authentic, vintage casino games to give your room an added edge of old school glamour. So not only will these games provide hours of entertainment, they’re stunning, antique pieces of equipment that guests will marvel at as well as argue over!Home Casino Roulette Wheel | Games Room Company

2. Seriously cool decoration

You may not be able to recreate the chintzy chandeliers and ornate carpets of most casinos, but you can certainly ensure that your home effort is looking as stylish as possible. One thing to remember when it comes to decorating a casino is this; if you want it to look realistic, subtle is not the way to go! Stick to the traditional theme with some LED artwork of playing cards and roulette tables, or customise a bespoke neon sign with wording of your choice to really bring the bright lights of Vegas into your house.

3. Something to help keep everyone refreshed

In a casino, you can be so enthralled by a game that you forget the hours are passing by and you’re in need of some refreshments! That’s why a vital piece of casino equipment is somewhere to stock food and drinks. A vintage, 1950s beer or Coca Cola machine will keep everything’s thirst at bay, and you can even store food in them to make sure no one is playing (or drinking!) on an empty stomach. Even better; having a fridge in your casino room means there’s no need to tear yourself away from the action and don to the kitchen!

Come on down to our showroom if you’d like to check out all of our furniture, decor and casino equipment up close and personal, and if you’ve already set up your perfect home casino please Tweet us a photo!