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Games Room Furniture | Games Room Company

If you’re decorating your games room, go the whole way by adding some games room furniture as well!

Decorating your games room? Lucky you! When it comes to filling up a room with everything you need for the perfect games room, you’re definitely in the right place - the clue is in our name!

There is a common issue that we find often comes up with our lovely customers when they come and visit us in our showroom. They tell us their grand plans for their game room, and the long list of equipment they imagine seeing in there; a pool table, a retro arcade machine, perhaps a jukebox and some bespoke wall art. But everyone always seems to forget one major thing - games room furniture!

Yes, in all of the excitement that comes with planning what kind of dartboard they would most like to see up on their wall, most people forget the fact that it might be nice to have somewhere to sit down and possibly place their drinks while they’re playing pool!

As with everything in your games room, games room furniture can be anything but ordinary

Of course, you might decide you would like to have a minimalist or laid back look in your games room and leave whatever pieces of furniture you already own in there. But here at Games Room Company, we firmly believe that you should take your opportunity and run with it! Fit in some of our extra special games room furniture and you’ll want to spend even more time in there - you’ll love the way it looks and you’ll be extra comfortable!

Cinema seating.

If you have a lot of space to play around with, why not add one (or a few) of our luxury leather cinema seats into your games room? The squishy seats will make sure you and your guests are totally comfortable, and you’ll always have somewhere to store your drink in the cup holder arm.

Popcorn or Jelly Bean machines.

Having some snacks on standby is an absolute must when you’re considering games room furniture and these colourful machines will always be there for you to have something to snack on during your games; just make sure you keep them well stocked!

Coffee tables.

You, your friends and family definitely need somewhere to rest your drinks when it’s your turn to take a shot on the pool table, dartboard or pinball machine. One of our coffee tables will be the perfect fit. Whether you go plane-wing shaped or Thunderbirds, these are some games room furniture that will definitely add some personality to your room!

You might be able to get a better feel for the type of games room furniture you’d like to stock up on if you see it in person down in our showroom, so why not pop down and see us? In the meantime, take a look at our Portfolios, to get an idea of how our games room equipment and furniture has been used by other happy customers.

Games Room Furniture | Games Room Company