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How to spot an English pool table compared to other designs

What's the difference between an English pool table and another design?

On the lookout for the perfect pool table for your home? If you are, you’ll know there a definitely a few things to consider before you come to a conclusion! It’s not until you start researching pool tables that you really realise just how many different style, sizes and variations are out thereEnglish Pool Table | Games Room Company. Add to that the fact that you may be coming across styles and descriptions that you know absolutely nothing about, and any confusion is totally understandable!

For example - did you know that there are American pool tables and English pool tables? While they’re not totally worlds apart from each other, there are differences in their style and how they affect both your game and your space. Here’s how you can spot an English pool table in three simple steps...

1.Generally, English pool tables are slightly smaller

They are usually about 7ft and you can actually expect them to often be even smaller (especially in pubs or models designed specifically for homes). So a big benefit of these tables is that you’ll usually find you have lots more room to stand around it, to manoeuvre your shots, and they’re a great choice for children. American pool tables are usually between 8/9ft so they are a noticeably wider playing field.

2.  Some of the differences are more old fashioned and less recognisable nowadays 

For example, English pool tables were traditionally played on only with red and yellow balls, rather than the spots and stripes favoured by American tables. This is rarely upheld nowEnglish Pool Table Pockets | Games Room Company adays, with most players simply choosing the pool balls they like the style of the most (but if you did want to stick to the rules, red and yellow is the way to go!). Additionally, to accommodate the size of the table, English pool tables are normally played on with smaller pool balls - 2 inches in diameter.

3.English pool tables have smaller pockets.

This is a huge contrast to American pool tables, which are known to have ‘bucket pockets’. Perhaps due to their smaller size, the pockets of these pool table are more conservative on the space front! English pool table pockets are require the cushion of the bed to curve down into the pocket itself, so there are no sudden drops or hard corners.

Due to their smaller size, English tables are arguably a much better option when it comes to home pool tables, because you won’t have to compromise on space. You can fit one of these models into any room and you’ll still have some excess space left around; it will never feel as though you’ve had to shoehorn it into a space, or as though it’s taking up more room than is comfortable.

If an English pool table sounds like the perfect option for your home, you can finally call off the search! And of course, if you would still like to browse all of the other pool table options we have here at Games Room Company (and we have a lot!), head over to our specific section.

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