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Decorative Clock | Games Room Company

Keep time in style with a decorative wall clock!

Here at Games Room Company, we are big believers in making sure that every element of your home is given the decorative treatment! We really feel that everything should be considered and carefully designed to bring more that just the item’s original function to your home; everything should also add something to the overall atmosphere and style of your home. That’s why, although our main aim is to provide you with the perfect equipment for your games room and the most rare and authentic vintage finds, we also want to be able to help you find the first interior accessories and decor for your home - including decorative clocks.

That’s right, our keen eye for detail and love of decor that’s a little bit quirky and out of the ordinary has led us to these stunning decorative wall clocks; and if you’re looking for something a little bit different to add some interest to a wall in your home, these are just the ticket.

We have two beautifully crafted decorative wall clocks to add some personality AND some practicality to your home!

The best thing about a decorative clock is the way it combines some stylish time with something that is actually essential; telling the time! So you can completely justify splashing out on something that fits in perfectly with your colour scheme, or that makes you smile whenever you look at it. After all, you’d be lost without it telling when you need to leave the house or what time you’ve just arrived home at!

The two decorative wall clocks currently in our showroom actually couldn’t be more different from each other. One is perfectly suited to a calming, laid back home, decorated in a minimalist style with a gentle colour scheme and an affinity for simple but very pleasing design. It’s striking silver reflective design will enhance any home of this style and ambience. The other is emblazoned with the bright, colourful design of the Harley Davidson logo, complete with a wacky shape and a neon light - that will definitely find its rightful home in a slightly more eccentric and colourfully designed household!

Whichever decorative clock you feel would suit your home more perfectly, please contact us if you would like anymore information about them , or how to style them in your home; we would be more than happy to help.

Decorative Wall Clock | Games Room Company