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Everything you need for the ultimate game of darts

Darts are serious business here in the UK - we love a game! Whether it’s watching the professionals ace it, or having a go ourselves down at the pub, darts are a well loved game. It’s also pretty common to see dart boards adorning the walls of homes across the country (and the rest of the world). And no, they’re not just hung up in offices and bedroom so people can stick photos of people they hate on them - they’re there for people to play with!

A game of darts is a game of skill and precision, and it’s so much fun. If you’re going to create a darts set up in your own home, you should really make sure you’re doing it the right way. For that, you need the right kit. Don’t worry - Games Room Company have you covered…


Obviously, the first thing you need for a game of darts is a dartboard. The type of dartboard you buy though, is up to you. Here at Games Room Company you can find the exact type you’re looking for - whether that’s a ‘starter’ board for beginners, or a professional standard dartboard for those of you who are really committing to your matches!

Dart Cabinets

If you’ve invested in a dartboard, you’ll want to make sure it’s kept safe! Our darts cabinets are the perfect fit for this - they’ll keep your dartboard protected when it’s not in use, and keep all of your darts accessories in one place.


The darts themselves - a fairy vital element of the game! Make sure you have a great stock of darts, as the higher the quality, the more they will enhance your game. 

Darts Accessories

To really add a touch of luxury to any game of darts, you’ll need some accessories. While they’re not necessary to the game, they do make you look stylish and really professional! Our personal favourite is the darts mat - designed for pros and used in official tournaments, it can help you officially track the distance between you and the board (and make sure there’s no cheating!)

While all parts of the darts game are important, we’d say if you’re only going to focus on one area, it should be the dartboard. A high quality board will really enhance your games - head to our darts page to get started!