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Why is a Cornilleau Sport Outdoor table tennis so amazing?

A Cornilleau Sport Outdoor is the name you need to know about when it comes to table tennis

We all love a game of table tennis. Whether you’re serious about it and always looking to improve your rallies, you like to use it as a way of releasing stress, or it’s something that keeps your children entertained, it’s a brilliant game for the whole family.

Choosing a table tennis is something you need to get right, because it’s something that will be used a lot. It will need to stand the test of time, meet all of your requirements and, of course, look great in your space. If you’ve been searching for the perfect table, you’ve probably heard of the Cornilleau Sport model of tennis table; they’re some of the most impressive out there and are an excellent choice for a home table tennis table.

Recently, the Cornilleau brand have taken their design expertise one step further by introducing a Cornilleau Sport Outdoor to their collection; that’s right, it’s a tennis table specifically designed to be used outside! There are so many reasons why this is incredible, and we’ve put together 5 of the best...

  1. The Cornilleau Sport Outdoor tables look awesome…

They may be functional, but that doesn’t mean these tennis tables scrimp in the style department! With a super sleek and sporty design, they are professional looking tables that add a cool charm to your space.Cornilleau Sport Outdoor | Games Room Company

  1. These tables are incredibly well made

Designed to be tough and long lasting, no corners have been cut during the making of this table. Its legs are reinforced with steel, each corner is protected with a specially made pad, and it can be securely locked and stored away when you're not using it. 

  1. They give you the maximum flexibility

The joy of a Cornilleau Sport Outdoor is the fact it allows you to literally play table tennis wherever you want to. It’s a table that’s very easy to move around, and it’s designed to fit perfectly in any space you want it to be in, so it will look fantastic in a games room or in a garden.

  1. It’s full equipped to survive the elements (and anything else you want to throw at it!)

These tables are fully adjustable, and specifically designed for life in the great outdoors. You’ll never have to worry about the wind, rain, ice, sunlight affecting them - every eventuality has been thought of and taken care of. You’ll probably find that one of these models lasts you a lifetime, such is the attention to detail and durability that’s gone into them!

  1.  Playing table tennis outdoors is amazing!

Being outside is brilliant and you’ll find that an outdoor games table makes you get out there even more often. These tables are a dream during the summer months, and provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests. Being outside also has a big positive impact on your game - you’re not constrained by anything, and there’s so much more room to move around and manoeuvre.

So add some friendly sporting competition to your garden this summer with the coolest table tennis table on the block!

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