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How a Cavalier 72 machine brightens up your home

What exactly is a Cavalier 72 and what do they do in your home?

If you’ve heard the term Cavalier 72 before, but have no idea what it is or does, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll get straight into the facts: here’s what you need to know about a Cavalier 72 Cavalier CS72- Games Room Company

  • These are actually official, vintage Coca Cola vending machines.
  • They were made for the Coca Cola company in the late 1950s by the Cavalier company, and were designed to promote the iconic red and white branding of the Coke adverts and bottles.
  • These machines were constant fixtures at gas stations, bowling alleys and diners in the US during that era, and incredibly popular with youngsters; inserting coins and receiving a cool bottle of Coke was a new novelty back then!
  • They were loved by the public and were an icon of the Coca Cola brand until cans and glass fronted vending machines came along in later decades.
  • It doesn’t get more collectible than a Cavalier 72 machine. Since they were replaced across the world by their more modern counterparts, they have become a highly sought after collector’s item, and are an incredibly rare relic of a much loved bygone era.

Imagine how amazing this vintage coke machine would look in your kitchen

Cavalier CS72 Kitchen - Games Room CompanyHere at Games Room Company we are incredibly proud of our Cavalier 72 machine, and we have painstakingly restored it to its former glory. Once again, it is in full working mechanical order, and it’s as bright and colourful as ever.

We know that a Cavalier 72 Coke machine would look incredible in your kitchen; in fact, we mentioned them in our blog post on kitchen interior design and accessories. It will add a bright splash of colour and humour to your kitchen, and will be a great talking point for visitors to your home. Not only that - they’re as practical as they are cool. They’re actually a brilliant storage solution for drinks, if you’ve run out of fridge or cupboard space. They can hold a lot of drinks (and it doesn’t just have to be Coke!) - up to 72 standard sized glass bottles. If you were having a party, you could fill it to the brim, and keep your general fridge free for food and some extra bottles of booze!

Here at Games Room Company, we do everything possible to ensure that these vintage machines are restored to be in full working order; from refitting their refrigeration units to repainting the metal work. That way, you can be totally certain that it will be sitting pretty in your kitchen for years to come, for you and your family to enjoy every day.

If you’d like to find out more about our restored Cavalier 72 machines, please contact us, or head down to our showroom to see them up close.