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Billiards Tables

Whether or not you’ve ever played billiards before, you’ll have definitely heard of it. From the Cluedo board billiards room, to nearly any novel set in England during the 1900s, billiards is accepted as a classic British game. However, it’s not played much anymore - billiards tables in public places have been replaced with pool and football tables, and it appears to have fallen out of fashion. It’s incredibly rare to see a billiards table in someone’s home nowadays.

At Games Room Company, we still love a game of billiards and have a few tables at our showroom. We thought we’d put together a little guide to billiards, it’s history, and why owning a table is an awesome idea.

Billiards | Games Room Company


What is billiards?

It’s safe to say that billiards is the oldest game of its type - played on a table. It’s a precursor to pool and snooker, and became very popular in Britain and across the British Empire in the 1800s. It’s a classic game, and its popularity stemmed from the fact it can almost be played like a spectator sport; it was a great way to unite a group of people together as they watched and took turns playing billiards.

Similarly to the games that followed it, billiards involves the careful hitting of balls with cues, across the table and scoring points based on potting the balls. It’s exciting, unifying and a great laugh!

Unfortunately, billiards no longer seems to enjoy the same popularity it once did. It’s rare to find a billiards table out and about, and even more rare to see one in someone’s home. More and more, billiards tables seem to be a prop found in museums, or are used in TV and films to signify era gone by! But at Games Room Company, we love our billiards tables and think they’re a worthy competitor for their successors.

Why should I buy a billiards table?

Billiards tables may seem a bit of an outdated purchase, but we think they are a worthwhile investment. They’re a classic piece of gaming kit, and the fact that they’re so rare makes them even more of a statement purchase - not many people will have their own billiards table.  

Owning  a billiards table would allow you and younger generations to learn about a classic British game that, worryingly, seems to be falling out of favour. By playing at home, you’ll be spreading the love of the game, and making sure it doesn’t become completely neglected to the history books. And what’s more - billiards is a brilliantly communal game, so you’ll set yourself, your family and friends up for hours of entertainment. Imagine the tournament you could have!

So show the humble billiards table some love, and take one home with you for your family to enjoy for generations.