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Design Bespoke Wall Art to be custom made for your home

Bespoke, custom made wall art will add a personal touch to your home

Here at Games Room Company, we’re on a mission to make sure every area of your home is decorated with the most stunning and intriguing decoration possible. When it
Bespoke LED Artwork | Games Room Company comes to wall art, we know that this is especially important; this is something that you have to look at everyday, and will draw the attention of everyone who enters your space. So it’s important to make sure its something you love looking at! And what better way to ensure this than to commission some bespoke wall art from our talented team?

Will you choose LED or neon?

When it comes to bespoke wall art here at Games Room Company, there are two avenues you can go down.

Our LED art work bridges the gap between designed and customised. These exquisite pieces are crafted from glass and light metals to show off designs - of cars, of cocktail glasses, of casino themes or of landscapes - whatever you choose. The ‘LEDs’ in question are the tiny coloured lights, positioned behind the image - when they are switched on, they illuminate the image with an alluring glow, that will add some subtle sparkle to your wall. Each one is made to order, to be completely bespoke for you.

Our neon wall art is totally customisable. Again, made totally to each bespoke order, they give you free reign to request any wordings, name or logo your heart desires, and also the colour, style and font of the neBespoke Neon Wall Art - Games Room Companyon tubes themselves. This way, you’ll be left with totally original artwork that was designed by you; so not only will it look seriously impressive, it will also have priceless sentimental value.

Of course bespoke wall art looks great on your own wall - and they also make an incredibly thoughtful gift.

We’re always searching for the perfect thing to fill the irritating, empty space on our walls, and our bespoke wall artwork takes care of that problem easily. Not only will there be some stunning art to brighten up the area,when you’ve had a hand in its creation, it will bring an extra smile to your face whenever you see it.

And don’t forget - the customised nature of these pieces means they will make incredibly thoughtful, one of a kind presents for loved ones. You can be totally sure that there will never be a an embarrassing case of ‘gift clash’ when you hand over one of these bespoke wall hangings! Why not commission a neon sign of their name to hang in their hallway, or the logo of their business to add some pizazz to their office?

Contact us here at Games Room Company and tell us your vision for your bespoke wall art - then leave the rest to us, and soon you’ll be hanging your original wall art up on your wall with pride!