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Aramith Pool Balls | Games Room Company

Aramith pool balls will definitely add a level of professionalism to your games

Here at Games Room Company,  we know that our brilliant customers take things seriously when it comes to pool tables. You only want the best, and once your dream pool table is installed in your space, we know that you’ll want the finest accessories to decorate and use alongside your table.

When it comes to pool balls, you should definitely invest in properly made pool balls that will stand the test of time, as they really do make such a difference to the quality of your games and how comfortable you feel when you’re playing. There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to pool balls, but here at Games Room Company,  we are particularly enamoured with those from classic pool brand Aramith.

Aramith are legends in the world of pool - and with good reason

Aramith are a Belgian brand, who have been designing and crafting the finest pool balls for decades - and they’ve world wide acclaim for their work. Rightly so; these pool balls are durable and long lasting, and they add a professional edge to every pool table.

Aramith pool balls pride themselves on the fact that they tick all of the boxes wanted by regular pool players. They are made with phenolic plastic, which gives them five times the durability of more common pool balls made from other plastics. It also means they’re non slip and heat burn resistant.  Not only that; Aramith pool balls are engraved with their colour, so it cuts through every layer of the material. This means it will last for a lifetime and won’t peel off or fade after a few games.

And the colour is one of the reasons we adore them so much! Aramith pool balls are available in a number of different, brightly coloured styles - whether that’s classic ‘yellows vs reds’ or ‘spots vs stripes’ - so you can select the ones that will work best with the colour scheme of your space. The colours themselves are so vibrant and eye catching, they will make you smile every time you pass your pool table.

The commitment from this brilliant brand to creating long lasting, durable and visually stunning pool balls are the reason they are our absolute favourite - and we promise you’ll love using them on your pool table as much as we do! Contact us to find out more about your own set of Aramith pool balls, or come down to our showroom to try them out for yourself...

Aramith Pool Balls Spots and Stripes | Games Room Company