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American Pool Tables

How can you spot an American Pool Table?

Here at Games Room Company, we sell a huge range of pool and snooker tables. In amongst the new, stylish designs and restored, vintage tables, eagle eyed customers may have noticed the broader categories that our pool tables are organised into. One of the most obvious distinctions we made between types of pool table are the fact that some are English and some are American pool tables.

People may not be aware of the fact that there are two different types of pool table - and if they don’t know that, they probably couldn’t tell you the difference between them. If you’re a pool novice, you might not even know which type of table you’re playing on. The differences are quite subtle, but once you know what you’re looking for you’ll always be able to spot the difference. Here is a (very brief!) guide to spotting an American pool table...

American pool tables are big

if a standard English pool table is usually around 7ft in size, then an American table is slightly larger - usually at 8 or 9ft. While it doesn’t sound like a huge difference in size, it’s definitely noticeable when you’re playing!

American pool balls are different

The now commonplace ‘spots and stripes’ pool system was initially a calling card of the American pool game. English pool tables were traditionally played on with red and yellow balls. This seems to be something that the wider world has borrowed from the Americans, and now ‘spots and stripes’ games are played on all kinds of pool tables!

American pool tables are covered in cloth

This might be slightly more of an obvious difference between the two types of table. Traditionally, American pool tables are covered in a non-woven cloth, in comparison to the wool-cloth used by English craftsmen.

The pockets are different

The pockets of American pool tables are sometimes referred to as ‘bucket holes’ - it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this means they’re pretty large! They’re noticeable larger than the pockets of an English table, and they’re usually all rounded; this means there are no hard corners on an English pool table.

Now you know the difference, you can decide which one you’d prefer! Whatever type of pool table you decide to go for, whether that’s American or English, Games Room Company is the ultimate destination to find exactly what you need. Take a look at our full pool table range here...