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Air Hockey

Air Hockey Tables 

In the grand scheme of games room equipment, we feel like the humble air hockey table often gets overlooked. In a world where pool tables, table football and table tennis are the more common sights in homes across the world, little old air hockey plays second fiddle and is often forgotten about.

Here at Games Room Company, we can’t work out why this is. We LOVE a game of air hockey! You can’t beat the retro feel, fast paced excitement and inclusive nature smashing a hockey puck along that frictionless table brings - so why not enjoy that in your own home?

Air Hockey | Games Room Company


Why you should go for an air hockey table

We actually believe that an air hockey table is a cooler choice if you’re investing in a big piece of games room equipment - it’s less obvious than a pool or football table, and not many people have one.

A game of air hockey is fast paced, exciting and inclusive - everyone, at any age can get involved, and the noises and lights mean there’s a lot more going on than in a game of pool! This makes it a perfect game for kids and teens to enjoy as well as big kids! Air hockey will keep you all entertained for hours - although it’s worth pointing out that if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, this is not the ideal route to go down!

Air hockey tables have surged in popularity since the 1980s, when they first became a staple of pubs and youth clubs across America and Europe. They’re so popular, there are even Air Hockey World Championships - so if you have one at home, you can start practising for your gold medal!

What kind of air hockey table should you choose?

It’s great that air hockey tables have become popular enough for people to have in their homes - but it also means that the choice of table available now can be overwhelming! It can be difficult to decide what type of air hockey table you want, and which is the best fit for your home.

At Games Room Company, we have a really comprehensive selection of air hockey tables, so whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find. Whether you want a classic style table that your whole family can enjoy, a more fashionable, sleek design or a table specifically for children, we can provide the exact style of air hockey you’re looking for.