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Pool & Snooker Tables

Pool & Snooker Tables 

If you imagine a classic games room, it’s likely that it will include a pool or snooker table. Perhaps the most iconic of all games room equipment, pool tables are definitely no longer just a mainstay of pubs or youth clubs - now they're are a common sight in homes and offices the world over.

A game of pool or snooker can be an excellent way of bonding with colleagues, it can help you wind down after a stressful day, or it can be a bloodthirsty competition between family members - when you have a pool table at home, the choice is completely yours! However you want to use and enjoy your pool table, Games Room Company has a wide selection that will definitely cover all bases.

Pool and snooker tables first became popular in the late 19th century, when variations on classic games of billiards were devised to entertain British Army officers across the British Empire. It was known as a game for upper class gentlemen, but began to become more popular in wider society throughout the 1910s, snooker and pool halls began to open across Britain. In 1927, the World Snooker Championships debuted, and the game as we know and love it today was born. Soon after, pool and snooker tables of varying sizes went into production, allowing people to own them in their own home.

Games Room Company have been selling pool and snooker tables since 1962, so it’s fair to say we know quite a bit about them! They were a favourite of our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, who first played a game of pool in the 1950s and was hooked from that moment on. Pool and snooker tables are an important part of our business and we take them very seriously - we have a huge range for all types of location or situation.

Whether you’re after a traditional English snooker table, a more trendy American pool table, tournament size, indoor size, a pool/dining table fusion, antique or brand new, wooden or metal, light or dark...we definitely have the pool table you’re looking for! And we also stock pool and snooker table accessories - everything from cues, to balls, to racks, to light fittings to hang over your pool table!

There’s no doubt that a pool or snooker table is a pretty big investment - they cost a lot of money and space! - so you want to make sure you’re completely secure in your decision before you buy. Pool and snooker tables and Games Room Company are a match made in heaven, and if you’re in the market for a one you need look no further. Have a look through our brilliant selection, and get the wheels in motion owning your very own pool or snooker table.