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Choose the perfect style and colour of your 12ft snooker table

A 12ft snooker table makes you feel like a world class pro in your own home!

Deciding you’re going to invest in a snooker table is only the beginning! From that moment on, you need to choose the style, the colour...and most importantly, the size. After all, there’s no point choosing your ideal coloured top cloth if the table doesn’t actually fit in your space! If you do have room to play with, we would always recommend a 12ft snooker table.  

12ft Mahogany Snooker Table - Games Room Company 12ft snooker tables are officially ‘full size’

If you’re watching a snooker match on TV, all of the action is taking place on a 12ft table. This the the size used in official tournaments, the Betfred World Championship.  So if you’ve got your sights on a professional snooker career (even if only in your dreams!) a 12ft snooker table is the size to practice on.

Not only does a table of this size mean you’ve got the ‘real thing’ at home, it means that whenever you visit a snooker hall, or head over to the table in the pub to play with your friends, you’ll feel totally comfortable. When you’re con stantly practising on a full size snooker table, you’ll be ready to show off your skills at a moment’s notice. They look great too; a 12ft table will be a real showstopper in your games room, and the first thing your guests
Steve Davis 12ft Snooker Table - Games Room Company  notice when they walk through the door.

Need somewhere for your colleagues to let off some steam? A game or two of snooker is the answer!

We’ve written before about how it’s so beneficial for workers to play games during the working day. On that note - if you’re looking for a snooker table for your office or for a commercial location, 12ft is perfect. It will become a great place for everyone to congregate around during breaks in the working day; you could even set up a snooker tournament and keep track of everyone’s scores to really force that competitive nature. It would be brilliant for team building!

Of course, here at Games Room Company we have a whole host of snooker tables in any size you need - and our full size, 12ft tables are no exception. We have pool tables made with a variety of cloth colour and material (in a lot of cases you can even customise your perfect combination) and choose the exact style of table that will fit seamlessly into your home - whether you’d love a traditionally designed table or a futuristic, totally modern style.

Pop down to our showroom to test out one of our 12ft snooker tables for yourself, and when you’ve chosen your perfect style, we’d love to see a photo of how it looks in your phone or office! Send us a Tweet so we can see how you’re getting on - and call us on01932 283 711 if you would like anymore information.