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Sam Leisure Magno Champion American Pool Table in Grey Vogue Finish


The Magno Champion enjoys considerable success north of the Atlantic as America’s most popular commercial table. It’s a favourite of patrons of American pool halls, and is installed in thousands of bars and clubs across the continent. It forgoes the embellishments that are becoming more popular in the industry, known instead for its hardy functionality and robust exterior.


Its solid frame is constructed with phenolic plywood and aluminium, and the Magno Champion also boasts scratch-resistant rails in tempered aluminium marked with inlaid sights. All the top frame components are bolted metal to metal reducing movement and wear, and the frame fits more accurately to the cabinet as a result. The real genius of the ProActive system is in the cushion fit, where the cushions are profiled to match the aluminium top and secured by a full-length plate. Standard 10mm bolts fit snugly into the extrusion and give consistent cushion response along the whole length. It's therefore impossible for the cushions to be fitted at the wrong height and this dispenses with the need for metal cushion strips that are unsightly and disturb the players’ bridging action. Top players have likened the ball response achieved to that of a steel block snooker table. ProActive cushions provide the most accurate and consistent cushion response ever achieved on any single piece slate pool table and will delight seasoned players of UK 8 ball and 9 ball American pool alike.


The plywood construction gives these tables great strength and durability without excess weight, whilst making them less susceptible to damp conditions. They are also easier to repair when damaged, and much more hard-wearing around the joints and fixings than the more commonly used MDF. This table also features carpeted internal ball runs to reduce the noise as ball return to the baulk end exit box.



The Magno Champion's one-piece diamond-honed Italian slate bed can be covered with any one of a range of Hainsworth Elite Pro cloth colours and the cabinet coating is also subject to your preferences. Shown here is the striking 'Grey Vogue' option. Sporting a consistently high build quality and excellent play aesthetics, it’s no wonder that the Magno Champion is a consistently popular choice for commercial business owners and private homeowners alike.


All luxury pool tables from the Games Room Company are highly customisable but space only allows us to show a small selection here. If you'd like to see a particular finish we'd be pleased to send through a visual illustrating the preferred combination of cabinet and cloth colour.


Reginald Waldersmith played his first pool game in 1958, and although he had a bit of initial difficulty with his cue handling (he was aghast when his opponent advised firmly holding the butt) he took an immediate liking to it. We’ve been selling games tables since 1962, so we know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you with any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.

  • 8ft Metric Dimensions: (H) 79cm x (W) 127cm x (L) 254cm
  • 8ft Imperial Dimensions: (H) 2’8ft x (W) 4’3ft x (L) 8’5ft
  • Made in Western Europe
  • One of the UK and Europe’s biggest selling American pool tables
  • Grey Vogue finish
  • Inspired by popular, tried-and-true American Pool Tables
  • Increasingly sought after by commercial establishments
  • Elegant chrome corners
  • Large chrome levellers
  • Aluminium top rail with ProActive cushions
  • Easy level system
  • Solid frame construction in phenolic plywood and aluminium
  • Scratch and mark resistant rails in tempered aluminium with inlaid sights
  • Natural SK cushion rubber provides maximum accuracy and true rebound
  • X-shape ball return track system
  • One piece ¾” Italian slate bed
  • Varied Hainsworth cloth options
  • Also available in 7ft size
  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation
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