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Turbo Blue Race Fuel Gasoline Pump


This fabulous doubled-sided fuel pump is thought to date from the 1960's and it's not hard to imagine Steve McQueen roaring up alongside it for a mid race refill. More compact than many of the period gas pumps that pass through our hands, it stands just 132cms tall and has a pump assembly on both sides. The facing is the same on the reverse of the cabinet so the pump would have allowed two drivers to fill up simultaneously. 

It has undergone a sympathetic restoration at the hands of our experts but of course no longer works as a fuel pump. That said, we did recently have an enquiry from someone who wanted to turn one of our vintage petrol pumps into a beer dispenser and this remains a project that we'd love to take forwards. The conversion doesn't come cheap however, so only well-heeled, beer loving motorsport fans need apply!

Turbo Blue Racing Gasoline is still manufactured today, and is ideal for fuel-injected, super charged and turbo charged racing engines. The company has a long established relationship with the motor racing scene in the USA and produces a wide range of associated products.


  • Original, fully restored example
  • H: 132cm W: 70cm (plus handles and hoses) D: 48cm 
  • Imperial: H: 52" W: 27.5" (incl handles) D: 19" 
  • Highly collectable
  • Double sided dual pump
  • Can be converted to pump beer!
  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation
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