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1950's Victor C-45 Coca-Cola Bar


A rare and highly collectible product, the vintage Coke Bar is a perfect encapsulation of everything that is great about the brand. The trademark bright red colour is offset by polished chrome, and the bar is stamped with the world-famous logo. Its manufacturers, Victor, quickly became famous for producing uniquely-themed counter coolers, and the C-45 is one of a limited range of Coca-Cola styled bars that they were commissioned to produce in the 1950s. One of the largest machines that Victor ever produced, it is affectionately (though perhaps unimaginatively) nicknamed the “the four door”, for the four sliding doors that allow access to the goodies inside. This example example has been lovingly restored inside and out, and has been adapted to run on a UK power supply.


The Victor Products Corporation of Maryland started out as a commercial refrigeration manufacturer in the 1920s. They became well known for producing their uniquely styled, yet functional counter coolers. Victor built a series of these for the Coca-Cola Company that included one, two, three and four-door styles. The C-45 offered here is the 4-door version, with a capacity of over 900 bottles of chilled Coca-Cola. The bottles were placed in the cooler horizontally, positioned on top of each other in alternating directions so that they fitted together like a puzzle. The roll-top style doors can be pushed up out of the way to access the bottles below and a dark grey laminate countertop with chromed edging extends along the whole length of the cooler, providing a generous surface for serving your chilled beverages. There are two built-in bottle openers with cap catchers and all four sides are embossed with Coca-Cola logos.


The C-45 functions as a fully-operational fridge, chilling its contents to the optimum drinking temperature of 4°C. Of course there's no obligation to store coke in your vintage Coca-Cola bar since wine, champagne, or vodka can all be chilled in the C-31's inimitable style!


The Victor C-45 is far more than a bar – it is an iconic rarity embodying the social side of the legendary beverage; an excellent representative for a drink to be enjoyed with friends.


Our history with these machines stretches back over half a century – our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was installing them on US Air Force bases back in the 1950s, not long after their manufacture. Being a relatively new invention at the time put the Coke Machines in unrivalled demand, and Reginald himself was known to occasionally share a drink with the GIs. We’ve been selling these machines since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.

  • Dimensions: (H) 100cm x (W) 250cm x (D) 75cm
  • Made in the USA
  • Year of Manufacture: 1950
  • Completely original product
  • Restored to concourse condition
  • Fully functioning fridge
  • Four sliding doors allow access to contents
  • Capacity for over 700 bottles
  • Converted to work on British power supply
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